Fantasy life

Fantasy life is made by level 5 the same company as youkai watch– the funny game with the dance at the end. When you play you get to make your character and choose a life. there are many life’s to choose from such as magician,alchemist,carpenter,fisherman,paladin,mercenary woodcutter and many more. here is a short film to show you what I mean.

After you have chosen your life you will probably want to explore the east grassy plains to check out the stuff like all the monsters there are. You also get different quests you can do to help the towns folk.Just so you know there are 4 different lands. The first one is Castelle who is ruled by King Erik, then Port Perio who is ruled by pirates, and Al Majak ruled by the Dark Saltans son, with last but not least the enderwood ruled by feirry folk.

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