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Welcome to DuncanSensei.com

Welcome to DuncanSensei.com! I’ve developed this website as a means to promote, share and showcase the resources I use in teaching primary school students Japanese and to also allow my students to reach out to the wider world through their own Japanese blog. The aim is two-fold,  one is to use Duncansensei.com as a repository of Japanese language teaching reasources and Japan news, and the second to link my knowledge of ICT concepts with my teaching of Japanese with my students, hopefully of all ages.

Welcome! Yokoso! よこそ!

About me

Steven Duncan Sensei I have lived and worked in Japan for a little over two years as an English teacher in  various situations, ranging from kindergarten through to policemen. Through which I developed my love for language teaching and Japan as a country. I also developed my love for digital art and photography, beginning my own photographic business as soon as I arrived home from Japan. I often say that the students I taught English in Japan taught me more Japanese than I taught them English as before I moved to Japan, my language ability was very poor, but after having lived there, is reasonably good.

I’d like to invite and would welcome any contributions to this website that you might think would help the content out here, as I’d really like to turn this site into a hub of information based on Japanese language learning. My students are free to add content to the website through their own login, however all their content are restricted to viewers from their own school for legal reasons. In the future I’m also going to open the site to the public for posting their own resources, and I hope to keep it free and suitable for primary-aged children.

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Duncan Sensei

Article by: Duncan Sensei

Steven Duncan Sensei is the DuncanSensei from DuncanSensei.com! having lived in japan for over 2 years he's gained a love for the country and it shows in his teaching and photographic work.