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Momofuku Ando’s 105th Birthday

If you used google today you may have noticed that the google logo was a little man doing something resembling cooking, or doing science. This is because it was Momofuku Ando’s 105th Birthday. Who is that? you may ask. Well, Momofuku Ando was the inventor of instant noodles. That is the kind where you add hot water to your dry noodles to create a cheap satisfying dish of noodles. Some famous brands of instant noodles in Australia include ‘2 minute noodles’, and ‘migoreng’.

Instant noodles has become a staple for those on a budget, or those too lazy to learn how to cook real food.

Momofuku Ando
Momofuku Ando

Momofuku Ando

Momofuku Ando, a lifelong entrepreneur who started his first business at age 22, found the inspiration to his greatest success while walking through the streets of post-World War II Japan. After the devastating effect the war had on Japan and her economy, people were waiting for hours in long lines, just for a comforting bowl of ramen noodles. Realizing hunger was the most pressing issue facing Japan, he felt a desire to help the people of his country. So in 1957, the inventor took on the task of developing a fast, cheap and tasty way to make Japan’s national comfort food – ramen.


Momofuku Ando
Momofuku Ando

“Peace will come to the world when all its people have enough to eat.”

– Momofuku Ando

Ando’s labor of love has had a lasting impact on people from all around the world, but he never let success stop him from working to improve instant ramen. In 1971, he introduced the world to Cup Noodles. Not stopping there, Ando then turned his focus toward inventing instant noodles that could be eaten in space. His rationale? “People have to eat no matter where they go, even outer space.” He was in his 90s.

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