Japanese Television Advertising

Television Advertising in Japan

If there’s one thing that many people notice when they visit Japan, other than the multitude of different sights and food, etc, it’s the eccentricity of what’s on Japanese television.

This doesn’t just extend to the usual shows such as Japanese game shows, variety shows and anime, all of which are really very popular in Japan. Some of whom have even made the television screen in Australia. Shows like Takeshi’s Castle, and a variety of anime are staples on Australian television.

Japanese Television Advertising

Japanese Television Advertising is no different in that Television Advertising in Japan can be quite strange in ways that you might not expect a guy completely covered in jewels to advertise mints as in the advert above. Television Advertising also tends to focus on the cute and polite nature of the product being advertised and will usually be very visually stimulating.

Below are a couple of examples of recent 2015 Television Advertising from Japan.


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