How to say Boy and Girl in Japanese

In order to learn how to sayboy and  girl in Japanese, first, we need to know the words for man and woman, then by adding,  “child” to the end,  we can change man and woman into boy and girl.


The word for ‘man’ is otoko (男)


The word for ‘woman’ is onna (女)

Boy and Girl in Japanese

Ko is the word for child or infant and its’ kanji looks like this – 子 and is read ‘ko’.

In kanji the word for boy is 男 の 子 – otoko no ko.
In kanji the word for girl is 女 の 子 – onna no ko.

The following video, put together by PuniPuni explains how you can take this information on how to say Boy and Girl in Japanese and apply it to calling people ‘man’, ‘woman’, ‘person’ and ‘baby’.

To help you practice writing the kanji outlined above, below is a simple worksheet from you can print and use at your own speed.

Boy and Girl in Japanese
Boy and Girl in Japanese

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