Nichijou – My ordinary life

Just as a bit of fun, I thought I’d put up a Japanese anime (Cartoon) thats become quite popular in Japan amongst young people due to it’s general random wackiness. Nichijou (日常) meaning ‘everyday’ is a Japanese comedy manga by Keiichi Arawi. The A 26-episode anime adaptation by Kyoto Animation aired in 2011 and has been licensed to be distributed in Australia recently.

Nichijou series follows the lives of a group of high school students, Mai, Mio and Yuko, and their school. The series also focuses on eight-year-old Professor Shinonome and her sentient android robot Nano, who longs to go to school like the other girls in the neighborhood. Various oddities and absurdities abound, like a boy who rides a goat to school with his butler, a girl who can produce various guns out of thin air, a cat that can speak, and a principal who has wrestled a deer. It shows the silly situations the characters get involved in, but despite its bizarre settings and characters, they still lead normal lives.

Carl Kimlinger of Anime News Network stated the anime is a “slice-of-life comedy with a penchant for lunacy and a taste for huggable cuteness; a rare chance to see talented animators fully indulging their love of the art.”

Nichijou Episode 1

The episodes are currently available in full on youtube, however only in Japanese with English subtitles. One of the best ways to practise and get better at learning Japanese is to watch Japanese media like this while studying. Immersing yourself as much as you can in a language can help immensely, even if it’s only getting used to how a language sounds.

Nichijou Episode 2

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