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The best Kindergarten you’ve ever seen

At this school in Tokyo, five-year-olds cause traffic jams and windows are for Santa to climb into. Meet the world’s cutest kindergarten, designed by hugely acclaimed architect Takaharu Tezuka.

The Tezuka Fuji Kindergarten, The Best Kindergarten Ever

One thing you may notice by visiting the typical Japanese school, or in this case, kindergarten they tend to be built like concrete squares. Often likened to prisons, the design of the learning spaces have a lot to be desired. When Takaharu Tezuka was asked to build the best kindergarten for the new Fuji area, he immediately thought about what would make the kindergarten most friendly for children.

There are no walls in this kindergarten. There are just piles of wood blocks to indicate the area of each class. Because there are no walls, sounds are also transmitted between spaces. The sounds are not blocked, the rooms are only divided by casually stacked-up furniture, like building blocks. If you scramble up onto this furniture, the neighboring classes can be seen. The problem of inaccessible rooms does not arise here. If a problem occurs in a classroom somewhere, help will soon come from a nearby room. With no hidden rooms, children will automatically adopt socially acceptable behavior patterns.

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