Mcdonalds high end

Mcdonalds opens High End restaurant

McDonalds pulled out the fancy china recently at its store in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, which it converted into a high-end “Restaurant M” for one night. Guests in the temporary high end Mcdonalds were 20 people chosen from over 8000 applications for a multi course dinner made from the same ingredients that make up the usual Mcdonalds menu. The event was put on to promote the Mcdonalds new summer burgers, but also came at a time when the company has had publicity issues related to its food quality in Japan.

The pop-up restaurant proved to be a success, with rave reviews from the selection of diners. One diner expressed her surprise: “McDonald’s reputation was a fast food restaurant, so I rarely came. But this was delicious, like a high-end restaurant!”

Sadly, the company says Restaurant M will be a one time experience — and it’s unclear if McDonald’s will bring the high-end experience to Australia.

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